The DSX mission

Helping the social sector stay safe from digital attack.

Our approach

At DSX, we pair social sector organizations with credible and trustworthy digital security experts and trainers who can help them keep their data and networks safe from exposure, exploitation, and attack.

We help increase the safety and security of community-based organizations, legal and journalistic organizations, local and national organizers, public and high-profile figures, and those who are working to advance social, racial, political, and economic justice in our communities and our world.

How we work

We are advocates for organizations in need of digital security assistance. As such, we will work with those organizations to identify resources to enable them to conduct this work with participating providers. We provide support for building awareness, capacity, and skills to those who wish to jumpstart or accelerate their digital security work. Our intake and evaluation process ensures organizations are matched with participating digital security experts who best serve their contexts, needs, and goals.

Our staff works closely with the organizations and digital security providers we connect to ensure the highest quality service delivery.

When engagements are complete, we request voluntary feedback and incorporate findings into our services, processes, and platforms, in order to continually improve our work.

Whenever possible, we seek to refer organizations to providers within their communities as a first response. We believe that the digital security providers who are already working within their own communities and are best equipped to meet the needs of those communities. We are here as a technical assistance and knowledge source, for those seeking additional support.

We seek out, listen to, and partner with digital security providers from across many different contexts in order to inform and shape our work. We prioritize working with those who have worked with or within civil society and the social sector, and who understand the needs, environment, and culture of these groups. Providers must explicitly opt-in to the exchange in order to be connected to organizations in need of assistance.

We equally balance the human and technology aspects of digital security management and provide frameworks to support change. Each organization we work with has different needs. We place high attention to clearly defining what is most important to accomplish and making connections that directly address those goals, be they culture, process, or technology-based.

Our methodology and materials build upon expertise developed by providers in the field. They are free and open for use by anyone.

Privacy, security, transparency, and accuracy

We retain as little data as possible about our interactions with organizations and providers, and we prioritize keeping the information we do have safe, secure, anonymous, and free from attack. In some cases we will develop simple and secure records of organizations and providers in order to ensure the highest quality of service. In other cases, we will will retain no data at all. Organizations and providers can request that we retain zero data about our interactions, and we are developing secure and anonymous forms of intake and communications.

We will be transparent about how we develop, fund, and maintain DSX’s processes, systems, services.