Organizational Partners

We are currently building an Organization Partners program, designed to give nonprofit organizations and other groups ongoing access to digital security providers and strategic thinking from DSX staff. Go here to learn more.


Director, Partnerships and Outreach (Part-time)

The Digital Security Exchange (DSX) pairs U.S. social sector organizations with credible and trustworthy digital security experts and trainers who can help them keep their data and networks safe from exposure, exploitation, and attack. We help increase the safety and security of community-based organizations, legal and journalistic organizations, local and national organizers, public and high-profile figures, and those who are working to advance social, racial, political, and economic justice in our communities and our world.

The DSX was started in spring 2017 and has since grown to include a network of nearly a dozen digital security providers, several partner organizations, and strategic partnerships with other likeminded projects.

The next six months will also see the launch of DSX’s organizational partnership program, overseen by the Director of Outreach and Partnerships. This position will help develop and launch DSX’s organizational partnership program by conducting outreach to diverse organizations seeking digital security assistance, helping to envision DSX’s approach to partner organizations, developing an “onboarding” workflow for new partners, documenting other ways partners can engage with the project, and helping to draft public documentation on the DSX’s values and mission and its commitment to the privacy and security of its users and partners.

This a part-time, U.S.-based contract position that could evolve into a full-time position in 2018. It’s a great opportunity to help direct the course of the DSX and its mission to make digital security more accessible to nonprofits, journalists, and other social sector groups.

Organizational outreach:

  • Lead the launch of DSX’s organizational partners program, with the goal of providing long-term digital security support for 12+ partners by March 2018
  • Conduct outreach to potential nonprofit/social sector partner organizations, including building lasting relationships with leaders in diverse communities
  • Onboarding organizations using newly-developed workflows (see below)

Policy and processes:

  • Create workflows for onboarding organizations into our CiviCDR system, including public documentation of DSX’s policies governing user intake, partner organizations, provider relationships, and data retention and security
  • Develop and adapt user policies for providers and partner organizations
  • Write public-facing pieces about trends in security and how we work with different communities

Organizational development:

  • With the DSX founder/director, develop and execute large- and small-scale fundraising strategies
  • Help map out backend technology and infrastructure that can support the DSX’s approach to provider intake and organizational partnerships
  • Help envision the future of DSX: How it can work with diverse communities across the U.S. and grow the ability for security experts to support the work of nonprofits, journalists, and other social sector groups.

Relevant qualifications:

  • 5+ years working in digital security, digital rights, progressive advocacy, or other related spaces
  • Commitment to digital security, human rights, social justice, racial justice, and other human rights issues
  • Strong familiarity with digital security best practices, and the needs, threats, and challenges facing diverse communities throughout the United States and beyond
  • Strong writing skills, and the ability to translate technical jargon into everyday human-speak
  • Demonstrated ability to form partnerships with diverse constituencies across different issue areas
  • Comfort working in a fast-changing, collaborative, dynamic startup environment

The DSX is committed to reflecting the diversity of the communities we work with. We are seeking applicants of all races, genders, ages, abilities, orientations, ethnicities, and national origins to apply.

To inquire about this position, please send an email with your CV and a brief description of your background and interest to [email protected].