Organizational Partners

We are currently building an Organization Partner program, designed to give nonprofit organizations and other groups ongoing access to digital security providers and strategic thinking from DSX staff. Org partners will have access to our backend system allowing them to create profiles articulating their needs, connect directly to digital security providers within the DSX network, and receive notifications and updates about current threats and digital security trends.

There will be two models of support:

  1. Quick handoffs to participating providers
  2. Long-term engagements

For the former, organizations may be seeking one-time assistance addressing a technical problem, addressing an attack, or securing a web presence. For the latter, organizations can partner with the DSX to develop a rolling strategy for assessing and addressing their needs and connecting to one or more providers who can help.

Below are workflow scenarios documenting these models. We are currently trialing this concept with participating organizations in preparation for our proper website launch, slated for late 2017/early 2018. If you would like to inquire about becoming a partner organization, please email [email protected]

  1. Organization contacts DSX through secure or insecure means:
    • Webform on web site (encrypted, temporarily stored on our server before passed to our database)
    • Email (plain text)
    • Email (encrypted)
    • Signal (encrypted)
    • Phone call (unencrypted)
  2. DSX determines the type of request/necessary response:
    • Rapid response
    • Action needed but not urgent
    • Long-term assistance
  3. DSX determines next steps:
    • Follow up phone call or email
    • Directly connect to partner provider
    • No response needed
  4. After initial intake conversation:
    • If necessary, DSX establishes secure communication channels and plan of action
    • Establish whether organization needs one-off or mid- to long-term support
    • If long-term, onboard as a “partner organization,” including access to DSX backend database
  5. For new partner organizations:
    • On-demand access DSX backend including opportunity to build organizational profile
    • Regular checkins with DSX staff about current needs and long-term strategies
    • As needed, DSX facilitates relationships with appropriate providers