Digital Security Exchange

Addressing the digital security gap for U.S. communities at risk

The Digital Security Exchange (DSX) project, currently under development, connects digital security capacity builders to frontline organizations and communities. This website will host updates on the project as we build out a proper site, a secure intake process, a vetting process for trainers, a partner organization structure, a documentation hub, and more.

Below are the core components of the DSX project:


  • Partner organizations will work together to identify and address the digital security needs of high-risk communities in the U.S., and acting as intermediaries between those communities and the DSX pipeline of capacity builders and trainers.
  • Capacity builders will provide digital security training assistance and long-term support to these communities.
  • A documentation hub will feature centralized curricula, guidelines, and best practices in digital security, maintained by the authors at DSX partner organizations.



To learn more and get involved contact Josh Levy:

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